Terms and Conditions

Internet store “Little shop with bricks” located at domain kindsofbricks.com and it’s subdomains (from now on – The Site) is operated by the company “Gennady Kulikov” that was registered at the National Business Registry of Poland on March 1, 2005 and recieved REGON number 14-00-43-64-7. It’s Tax Identification Number (NIP) is 11-81-73-45-44 and it’s address is Capri Str. 3 / 48 Warsaw 02 – 762 Poland (from now on – The Seller).

The Site can be used by any person who has current technical means of Internet access and may legally use payment means stated at The Site (from now on – The Buyer). The whole information available at The Site is not a public offer, but just an invitation to enter into a contract.


Means of contacting The Seller:

– e-mail shown on “Contact” page.

– phone +48-608-236-577 on business days from 9.00 to 17.00 (9am to 5pm) according to Central European time (GMT +1). Occasionally it may happen that this way of communication with The Seller will not be available even at those times.

– postal address shown above.


The Seller is in business of creating and selling packs of used plastic bricks for children construction toys. The bricks themselves are produced by Danish company LEGO A/S and the packs are arranged by The Seller. To avoid any possible doubt or misrepresentation, it is stated that company LEGO A/S has no relation whatsoever to The Seller; The Seller acquires used bricks on the open market and not directly from company LEGO A/S; company LEGO A/S has no relation to the way packs are arranged, marketed and sold.

The packs have certain weight and are created according to certain principles that are described on The Site. These principles, weight and price of packs may change from time to time, but for already confirmed orders they stay the way they were at the moment the order was confirmed by The Seller.

The packs contain only genuine parts produced by company LEGO A/S, and condition of all parts allows them to be used as children construction toy. However, as those are used parts, they may have imperfections like scratches, partially removed or worn out writings and pictures, time-related discolouring etc. Such imperfections are not a reason for complaint.

All packes arranged by The Seller are different, and The Seller doesn’t guarantee presence of any particular part in any given pack, unless specifically stated in packs’ description on the front page (“Our store”) of The Site or in correspondence with The Buyer. All images on The Site are for general information only and don’t constitute a promise of presence of any particular part.

The Seller does his best to include only clean parts in his packs, but recommends The Buyer to wash them before use.



Buyers can pay The Seller by the following means:

– credit card via Paymento processing company (paymento.pl).

– Paypal (paypal.com).

– bank transfer. If payment is done by SWIFT bank transfer The Buyer pays all the costs of both his and The Seller’s bank (the “OUR” option).


Personal information

When The Buyer places his order on The Site he provides personal information needed to fulfill the order (his name, e-mail address, delivery address). The Seller uses this information only for the purpose of fulfilling the order, and will do his best to prevent disclosing it to other parties. However, The Buyer’s name and address will be given to Polish postal service (and by them to postal service of destination country) in order to deliver the goods to The Buyer. Also The Buyer’s personal information may be given to governmental bodies if legal regulations require that.

The Buyer pays for his order at protected site of payment systems Paypal or Paymento. All information related to Buyer’s bank card, bank account etc. stays only with them, and they are responsible for it’s protection. The Seller doesn’t receive from those payment systems any information related to The Buyer’s bank account or card.

All those data are provided by The Buyer voluntarily, but his refusal to provide them makes fulfilling his order impossible.

The Seller processes and keeps personal data of Buyers in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 1997.


Prices and currency

The currency of the store on The Site is euro (EUR).

Prices on The Site include all taxes on the side of The Seller. Customs duties in Buyer’s country, if any, are paid by The Buyer.


Entering into contract

If The Buyer wishes to buy any of the goods displayed on The Site, he adds them to the basket, enters his personal information and clicks on “Place order”. By clicking on this button The Buyer declares a) his intention to purchase the goods in the basket and pay for them and their delivery and b) his agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

Creating an order by The Buyer doesn’t constitute entering into sales contract. Sales contract is entered into only after (and if) The Seller confirms the order. The Seller informs The Buyer about confirmation or non-confirmation of the order.

After The Buyer is informed about confirmation by The Seller, The Seller waits for payment to arrive to his account (cleared payment). If such payment hasn’t arrived within 5 days The Seller has right to void the contract and cancel the order.


Delivery and returns

The Seller ships the goods within 3 working days after receiving cleared payment. The Seller immediately forwards to The Buyer the tracking number.

As a rule express mail is delivered within 2 weeks, but since postal service doesn’t guarantee times, any complaints about non-delivery will be accepted at least one month after shipping. Before filing such complaint The Buyer will take reasonable measures to solve the problem with postal service of his country. Non-express (ordinary) mail may take longer, so complaints will be accepted after 2 months.

Shipping charges are shown on The Site (page “payment and delivery”); also The Buyer sees them in the process of purchasing the goods. If shipping charges to a particular country are not shown, it means The Seller doesn’t ship to that country.

The Seller is responsible for the goods till the moment letter / parcel is delivered to The Buyer himself or his representative; the sole proof of such delivery is a signature of a recipient on postal form.


In the following cases The Seller will, according to The Buyer’s decision, either refund The Buyer the whole amount, or resend the same goods:

– if letter / parcel was lost by postal service (after official investigation procedure by postal service is over).

– if letter / parcel was visibly damaged and all or part of contents was missing, on following conditions: upon seeing the damage The Buyer will file complaint with his post office and will refuse to accept the letter / parcel, and The Seller will wait for an answer to his own complaint to the Polish post.

– if letter / parcel was not delivered to The Buyer because of Seller’s fault.

In case a letter / parcel was not delivered to The Buyer and returned to The Seller because of Buyer’s fault The Seller will refund The Buyer the amount paid by him less actual expenses of The Seller (packaging, bank commissions) in the amount of EUR 10 less all shipping costs.

The Buyer who is a private person can return the goods without stating any reason within 14 days after goods were delivered to him. The goods must be complete and arranged exactly as received. The Buyer should inform The Seller about such decision not later than on the day the goods are shipped back. Upon receiving the returned goods The Seller will refund The Buyer the whole amount paid, using the same channel as originally used by The Buyer. Shipping the goods back to The Seller is at The Buyers’s cost.



Impossibility to fulfill the order

If for any reason The Seller does not confirm the order (see “Entering into contract” part) but the money were already paid by The Buyer, The Seller will immediately order full refund to The Buyer by payment system.

If for any reason The Seller is not able to ship already confirmed order on time, he will immediately inform The Buyer. In such situation The Buyer has right to cancel the order, and The Seller will immediately refund him the whole amount.



If The Buyer believes that the goods delivered to him substantially differ from description on The Site and / or these Terms and Conditions, he can file complaint with The Seller. Such complaint should be sent by ordinary mail to The Seller’s postal address, or to his e-mail. In such complaint The Buyer should identify himself, describe the problem and state his preferred solution. The Seller will examine the complaint and reply within 14 days of receiving it. If in connection to the complaint The Seller will have additional questions to The Buyer, time needed for The Buyer to answer does not count as part of those 14 days.

If The Seller will come to conclusion that the goods received by The Buyer indeed substantially differ from description on The Site and / or these Terms and Conditions, he will reimburse the loss of The Buyer. The Seller will do in The Buyer’s preferred way as much as logistically and economically feasible.

In no situation will The Seller’s financial responsibility be higher than amount actually paid by The Buyer.



Neither The Seller nor The Buyer are responsible for any damage that was result of force majeure circumstances, but they will do what they can to correct or limit such damage when and if situation permits.

All matters not described in these Terms and Conditions are governed by the civil code and other applicable laws of Poland. If any part of these Terms and Conditions contradicts the civil code or other applicable laws of Poland, such part is considered null and void, and the appropriate law is used instead. The rest of these Terms and Conditions remain valid.

All refunds made by The Seller to The Buyer will be done using the same way as originally paid by The Buyer to The Seller.

The words LEGO®, FRIENDS®, TECHNICS® are registered trademarks of LEGO Group and are used on The Site for general information only.