Bricks made by the Danish company LEGO are likely the most popular kids’ construction toy in the world.  The reasons for their popularity are very high quality of manufacturing and huge variety of available themes. The consequence of their popularity is price.

Those who don’t like to pay a lot but still want their kids to play with such construction toy usually have two options. The first one is to buy toys compatible with original LEGO bricks but made by other companies. Those sometimes have even more themes, but their quality varies. The second one is to buy used original LEGO bricks. The problem here is that usually they are sold purely by weight, and nobody knows which parts one will get and what can be built with them.

We invented  a third options that combines quality and reasonable price.


We took a lot of used original LEGO bricks and sorted them into several piles.

The biggest pile contains simple parts that are used in all kinds of models. One can say that they make up the “body” of a model. Those are standard plates, bricks and tiles:

LEGO basic bricks

If you try to build something using only those simple parts, the result will also be very simple, like this house with stairs, for example:

Example of simple model made of basic bricks only

We will call these parts simple parts.


We further sorted the rest of parts into 3 smaller piles by themes: Town, Space and Castle.

Each pile contains parts that, once added to simple parts from the biggest pile, allow you to build fully functional and quite complicated models.


Here is what each of these 3 piles contains:

In Town you can find parts for cars – chassis, wheels, windshields, doors, steering wheels, bumpers and grills:

Parts of LEGO cars

… and parts for fire engines – ladders, moving arms, nozzles, fire extinguishers:

LEGO fire engine

… and boats with divers:

LEGO shark attacking a boat

… and doctors with stretchers:

LEGO helicopter ambulance

… and policemen with bandits – before and after:

Policeman chasing LEGO bandit

LEGO police cars

… and workers with tools:

LEGO workers at a factory

… and gardeners with trees:


… and houses with roofs, windows and doors:

Kinds of doors and windows

… and many different small part for many different small details, including white and yellow headlights, red stop-lights and blue police strobe lights:

Many different small parts incl. lights

… and several kinds of hinges that connect everything to everything else:

Many kinds of LEGO moving connectors


Ships of various shapes travel in Space:


They have wings and engines:

Kinds of wings and jet engines

… and cockpit shields:

Cockpit shields

… and generally all kinds of weird extraterrestrial hardware:

Different parts of Space theme

Also small parts and hinges like in Town.


Castle is built of arches and towers:

Details for Castle theme - arches and towers

and of walls of several shapes:

Castle walls parts

A horse-driven cart has to cross a moat by drawbridge:

A castle - raising bridge across moat

The skeleton is trying to escape the dungeon:

LEGO skeleton getting out of dungeon

Brave knights protect the castle from dragons:

Lego dragon

So all our LEGO parts have been divided into 4 piles: the bigger simple one and three smaller thematic ones. To build a model one needs bricks from the simple pile AND from at least one thematic pile. If one uses only bricks from the simple pile  one can build something that is also, well, very simple. If one uses only bricks from thematic pile one cannot really build anything at all.

And yes,  smaller piles also have minifigures with proper accessories.


The next step was to combine both kinds of parts (simple and thematic) and create a product that can compete with new factory sets. We calculated how much of each kind of parts is usually used to build average models (it varies by theme) and decided to let our customers choose not only what theme thay want, but also how many bricks they want.

This way we came up with our products that we called packs (on how exactly we select parts for them see FAQ ).

Being an internet shop, we ship by mail. Postal fees depend on weight, and at each full kilogram they go up.

Since we don’t want our customers to pay for shipping air, we arranged our packs so that postal fees are used up to the maximum. The packs weight 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg.

Suprisingly they are called ONE KILO pack, TWO KILO pack and THREE KILO pack.


Here are all of them:


ONE KILO Town pack: Town theme parts – 325 g, simple parts – 325 g, packaging – up to 350 g. Price 21.99 euro. 16.99 euro.

ONE KILO Space pack: Space theme parts – 225 g, simple parts – 425 g, packaging – up to 350 g. Price 21.99 euro. 16.99 euro.

ONE KILO Castle pack: Castle theme parts – 225 g, simple parts – 425 g, packaging – up to 350 g.  Price 21.99 euro. 16.99 euro.


TWO KILO Town pack: Town theme parts – 750 g, simple parts – 750 g, packaging – up to 500 g. Price 49.99 euro. 39.99 euro.

TWO KILO Space pack: Space theme parts – 400 g, simple parts – 1100 g, packaging – up to 500 g. Price 49.99 euro. 39.99 euro.

TWO KILO Castle pack: Castle theme parts – 400 g, simple parts – 1100 g, packaging – up to 500 g.  Price 49.99 euro. 39.99 euro.


THREE KILO all 3 themes pack: Town theme parts – 600 g, Space theme parts –  300 g, Castle theme parts – 300 g, simple parts – 1100 g, packaging – up to 650 g. Price 79.99 euro. 59.99 euro.